Public relations remains one of cheapest and most effective channels of growth for small businesses. In the interdisciplinary field of marketing, PR gains more credibility as it aims to influence perception among target consumers and audiences.

For starters, here are some strategies that can help generate publicity:

Build and develop good relationships with media contacts. The first step to making “friends” in the media is to identify suitable publications for the company’s stories. Create a database containing details about editors, writers, and reporters in order to know where to send the PRs once they are ready for release. Do the same for radio and T.V.

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Plan different story angles for specific targets. Public relations is all about stories. To diversify the PR campaign, it is advisable to plan a list of story angles on specific dates targeted for different publications.

Maximize press releases. In reality, not all press releases are picked up by media. Posting their content to other forms of media such as social networking sites, blogs, or other platforms could be a backdoor to crowd attention.

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Spending a little time on these strategies will make any business owner an expert in the PR arena. PR does not require a massive budget, but rather an effort that relies on creativity, time, and energy.

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