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The thought of robots taking over the world has been an ongoing issue for years. Some scientists and inventors have even noted that the advancement of technology and automation in businesses may render humans obsolete.

Robots and computers are fast becoming more intelligent and, because they require no rest or sustenance, are more efficient. It is estimated that, by 2013, there will be 1.2 million robots working worldwide, which is one robot for every 5,000 people, according to Marshal Brain, founder of How Stuff Works. There is a fear that, if this trend continues, more and more people will be out of work in the coming years.


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While the numbers are alarming, some industry experts believe that humans will still be needed and will still serve an important purpose in the corporate world. As efficient these computers and robots may be, they are still missing one crucial thing: the human element.

Humans are hardwired to deal with other humans. For example, individuals who call their banks hate the fact that they have to talk to a machine and always demand to talk to a real person. In addition, robots and machines rely on algorithms that make them cold and inhuman. As long as this craving for human interaction exists, robots and computers will never replace a real human being.

Humans and technology should work side by side, one neither displacing the other.


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